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Everybody needs a hand sometimes.

Are you feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

You don’t have to suffer alone anymore.

Take a nice deep inhale, and a luxuriously long exhale. Research reflects that the quickest way to reset the central nervous system is to take a long exhale, signaling through the body that you are in a safe place, and that the danger has passed. No need to fight, flight, or freeze. You can ground through your feet, right where you are, right now.

I can assist you in working with the mind-body connection to achieve these goals. Safety inside of yourself is within your grasp, through the process of working with somatic therapy.

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Neurofeedback + Psychotherapy = Revolutionary Outcomes

In my holistic approach to creating permanent change in your life, I leverage the FDA certified LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System), which works more efficiently than traditional neurofeedback, providing quicker and lasting results.

More About LENS

The brain, originally designed to move the body, prioritizes movement as its first and primary function. Together, we will harness the mind-body connection to facilitate the most effective integration of your personalized treatment plan.

More About Somatic Psychotherapy

When combined with EMDR, the brain can function more efficiently in the present moment, liberated from emotionally resonant traumatic memories from the past.

More About EMDR

This combination of advanced neurofeedback, somatic psychotherapy, and EMDR forms a powerful synergy for revolutionary outcomes, bringing about positive and lasting changes in your life.

Hi, I’m Heidi Landgraf.

Let’s crack your code. Let’s solve your mystery.

Within you lies a gorgeous soul, just waiting to shine out. Together, let’s explore the questions that will unveil the depths of your being…

What defense mechanisms have you built up over time? How does trauma manifest in your body? And what is the most effective way to tap into your innate ability to heal, making the process feel effortless for you?

With the utilization of Self-Compassion techniques, I am here to guide you in embracing and loving yourself just as you are right now. The journey toward happiness and contentment within yourself is within reach, and I have full confidence that you can attain it!

The most rewarding part of this journey is when you, too, recognize and embrace the beauty within yourself.

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What People are Saying


It’s impossible for me to articulate how much Heidi has helped me. I’ve never felt so understood and most importantly GUIDED in my life. Heidi is an exceptional therapist – I would know, I’ve been to many! Right now I’m walking home and I feel like my soul is waving hello to me for the first time in years. How amazing is that?



Neurofeedback was a complete game changer; my family and friends noticed a decrease in my anxiety and increase in positive mood and energy after just a few sessions. With Heidi’s CBT work, yoga therapy and neurofeedback, I was able to feel like myself again – it was such a relief! She helped me immensely as I prepared for my upcoming wedding. I am so grateful I found her as my therapist!



Working with Heidi has been an amazing journey. I now have a consistent calmness that I’ve never experienced before. Neurofeedback had an immediate positive effect – but the continued treatment along with therapy allowed me to ween off anti-depressants, and empowered me to build a permanent ability to manage stress. I’ve been able to take my career and relationship to the next level. I’m so proud of the work I’ve done!



Neurofeedback elevated my mood, and when combined with psychotherapy sessions with Heidi, has assisted me to work through the cycle of substance abuse that was ultimately feeding my depression and anxiety. Both talk therapy and neurofeedback together have had a significant positive impact on my day-to-day and bigger picture life.


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