LENS Neurofeedback

There are days when your actions astonish you.

You receive an email, and in the heat of the moment, your response is immediate and passionate. As you try to fix the situation, you find yourself only making it worse, unable to resist the urge to explain and apologize. The voice telling you to stop is drowned out by the intensity of your own anger at yourself. We’ve all been there, triggered by an event and acting irrationally, only to regret our actions later.

What if you could break free from this bewildering trap? What if you could have response flexibility?

Response flexibility, as explained by Mindsight author Daniel Siegel, involves harnessing the power of the middle prefrontal region to create a temporal space between input and action. This ability to pause before responding is crucial for emotional and social intelligence.

LENS neurofeedback plays a role in developing response flexibility.

Unlike traditional neurofeedback, FDA-certified LENS neurofeedback doesn’t train brainwaves but reads them through EEG sensors, feeding them back using a nanocurrent of electromagnetic energy. This process allows the intelligence of your own brain to facilitate healing. LENS disrupts old patterns, paving the way for newer, healthier ones and complementing the changes you’re working on in therapy.

The Intelligence of LENS Neurofeedback

The LENS system can also be applied directly to the body, potentially turning off pain messaging to the brain and providing relief without medication. Beyond pain relief, BodyLENS may offer emotional release from old injuries, relief from jaw-clenching/teeth-grinding, and improved sleep.

Many practitioners focus solely on utilizing the LENS system on the brain.

While many practitioners focus solely on the brain with LENS, my approach integrates the body’s wisdom and intelligence to heal the mind. With the right LENS treatment, we can efficiently guide you toward breakthrough.

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“After treatment I felt laser-focused, undistracted, and clear-headed, which is very unusual for me. Neurofeedback is helping me be more productive. I’m wasting less time on feeling bad about myself and I love it!” – Natalia

“Neurofeedback is helping with catastrophic thinking and irritability. It clears the fog and shuts down the narratives that can spawn in real life situations. It helps me stay in the zone.” – Bryan

“LENS allows me to think more clearly and has helped with my ADHD.” – Kathryn

“I’ve tried a variety of trauma focused modalities (SE, EMDR), but neurofeedback seems to be the most direct and immediate. I remember after my first session of neurofeedback, there was some deep internal voice that told me that this was exactly what my system needed. And just as important as the effectiveness of the technique is Heidi’s passion for it. It is so refreshing to have a practitioner who cares so much about what she’s doing and shares so authentically in my excitement at the changes we’re seeing each week. I always feel like Heidi knows what direction to go next, which puts my whole system at ease” – Nick

“Last night I slept eight hours straight for the first time in YEARS. Also my resting heart rate (often a barometer of my overall stress level) seems to be coming down. Very encouraging!” – Bryan

Short Documentary on LENS Healing PTSD